Repair Service

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This is the story of two little Steiff bears from Austria who came to the UK for surgery.  You can follow their operation and recuperation in the photos below.


If you have any questions regarding repairs to dolls or bears please email

Click on the pictures to enlarge:


A box arrives in Ravenglass

Getting to know the locals

"I hope this won't be painful"

On the operating table

On the operating table

"How are you feeling ?"

"My turn now."

The surgeon at work.

"You are looking much better."

New coats to keep us warm.

Feeling much better now.

"Do you know the code for Austria ?"

We do like to be beside the seaside....

"Fancy going for a paddle ?"

Visiting the local area.

We made friends with Daniel and Rebecca They were going for a train-ride.

They wouldn't let us drive the train. So we found one of our own.

The Romans have been here too.

Our farewell party. It was nice to meet some Steiff cousins

Newcastle Airport. Waiting in the Departure Lounge

Tired after the flight

A night in a Vienna Hotel. "Would you like some champagne ?"

HOME at last.