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Please scroll down the page to see a gallery of photos of repairs "before" and "after"

I started out over 30 years ago making teddies and dolls for my daughter and her young friends and what began as a hobby turned into a small business. As my daughter had reached her teens at the time when the rules on safety for children's toys became more stringent, I turned my skills to repairing the  older ones . I get immense pleasure from this work giving a new lease of  life to teddies that were destined for the bin and dolls that have been in pieces in a box in the bottom of the wardrobe for many a year. I like to think my charges are very competitive, estimates are freely given. I also consult with the owner beforehand as to the level of restoration that is required and advise accordingly.  I am happy to arrange collection/delivery locally [Cumbria].  I also send and receive repairs by mail [Special Delivery only]

Below are some examples of "Before" and "After" showing what can be achieved. 

These two little Steiff bears from Vienna made a trip to the UK for surgery.  You can follow their adventures on by clicking on the photo on the right or this link





If you have any questions regarding repairs to dolls or bears please email

Click on the pictures to enlarge:

      Before                         After                           Before                         After

'Frank' a poor tatty teddy rescued from the bin

The New Frank

Poor little Steiff teddy

Little Steiff teddy with a new lease of life

'John' before (he'd been attacked by a dog)

'John' restored to health

Wax doll with broken arm

Wax doll with arm retored

Small AM351 baby doll in pieces

AM351 after restoration

China head doll before restoration

China head doll after restoration