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Please scroll down the page to see a gallery of photos of SAF bears, other soft toys and identification tags.

The Beginning:

This firm was started by Siegfried Saf in Bad Mittendorf [Northern Styria] after WW2. Siegfried was one of many people who came to Austria after the war [voluntarily or forcibly] from the Sudetenland. His hometown was Bielsko-Biala in the Southern part of Poland in this area. (thanks to the Saf family for this information)

In the early 1950's he also began production of his own mohair fabric to use on his soft toys. 

Bears and Other Animals:

The range included bears and other animals some similar in design to those produced by Graz firms and also the Steiff range at that time.  The quality of the products was reasonable  but not as good as those made by Fechter and Schwika.


Saf used a number of ID marks including an orange printed label  [usually well faded] and black woven label  [see various pictures in the gallery]. 

End of an Era:

Siegfried Saf was a well respected member of the community and was the Burgermeister (Mayor) of the town 1965-85.  In that time he was involved in many beneficial projects in the area.  He died in 1990.

Production of soft toys was still going in the 1990's [may have moved to Altenmarkt an der Enns] and I have no record of when it closed.

Click on the pictures to enlarge:


Large Teddy by SAF

Smaller closed-mouth teddy by SAF with orange ear label

Another larger teddy by SAF with orange label

More modern SAF rabbit with ID

Poor ugly SAF teddy!

More modern SAF swan

SAF 'Zotty' type teddy [note the peach coloured bib] with SAF wool miniature crow

Large SAF teddy closed mouth

Woven SAF label showing teddy motif to one side

Black woven SAF label

More modern SAF label [as seen on swan]

SAF label on leg of wool miniature crow

Another modern SAF label

SAF orange printed label sometimes the writing has faded completely

Another SAF woven black label

A SAF paper tag