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Less Well Known Producers:

This section is devoted to lesser known Austrian teddy producers, ones also not  well known to me personally but I'm hoping someone out there may have more knowledge on the ones listed and also others I've not yet discovered. As a collector my historical investigation begins when I acquire an example of a bear with an identification mark so the following producers are not known to me though this but by information read or given.

Georg Biebernik:

I have heard of the existence of a teddy/soft toy maker by the name of Georg Biebernik who made and sold his products in Graz in the 1960's and '70's.To my knowledge I've only seen pictures of his products, they appear to be made from artificial plush in quite bright colours and not of particularly good quality compared with the products of other Graz makers of that period. Apparently Georg was a bit of an entrepreneur always trying new businesses for a short time. One thing I find noticeable from the pictures I have seen of his bears is the similarity to some bears I have seen for sale in the UK marketed as Fechter bears which are nothing like genuine Fechter bears. I've often queried the provenance for these bears and have sometimes been told they know they have come from Austria. Perhaps the mystery is now solved?


There is a firm called Hummer in the lovely Austrian town of Steyr that manufactures teddies.  I always thought they were a modern firm making Artist Bears but it appears they have a history. Apparently the present owner’s mother started the firm in the 1930s.  She came from Bohemia and had made bears before and began production before the war. Due to lack of availability of materials production during the war was suspended and resumed post war, the son then later entering the business. I have never knowingly seen a vintage bear from this firm and would be delighted to know if anyone has an example with ID.

Therese Watzek 'Wiwa':

Listed in Kurt Parzer-Belmonte's book 'Ewige Kinder' is a teddy producer by the name of Therese Watzek who made bears in Vienna from 1947-67 under the tradename of 'Wiwa'. I have in my collection a bear which I bought in Vienna [from a shop selling bathroom fittings, belonged to the owner and she put it in the window to sell along with other bears she no longer wanted to keep], no ID, but it looks identical to the ones in his photo. I am including a picture of my bear here, it's the only one of its kind I have seen to my knowledge.

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Possible 'WIWA' Teddy